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An empowered, effective sales leader is a crucial component in the success of any company. Yet, Sandler research shows that 43% of sales leaders do not receive effective training for their role.


43% of sales leaders do not receive effective training for their role.

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The complete sales leader.

Sandler endows leaders with the skill set and enablement tools they need to cement themselves as valuable, results-driven, strategic leaders. We don’t just repackage sales training courses for executives: we partner with you to form a well-rounded business-development executive.

  • Intrinsic Motivation Management

  • Accountability

  • Hiring

  • Coaching

  • Performance

Embed a culture of high accountability.

Learn how to help your team to own their ongoing success. Creating a culture of accountability begins with developing a consistent approach with managers, minimum committed behaviors, and the correct leading and lagging indicators that everyone will hold themselves accountable for every day.

Elevate leadership & communication skills.

.Learn how to recognize and resolve conflicts quickly, communicate your vision clearly in meetings and one-to-one, and empower your team members to perform at optimum levels.

Hire top talent with a measurement-based hiring process.

Learn how to develop an accurate hiring profile, objectively assess and select candidates, and create onboarding and performance plans for each position on your team.


Culture of Continuous Learning

We find that many leaders feel pressured to have all the answers and make all the right decisions when in reality, none of us are perfect. Senior leaders, who are vulnerable enough to share that the “boss doesn’t know all” and make learning and development a part of their personal leadership style - create and lead a continuous improvement culture that transforms sales results.

Why Sandler learning is.

Expert Practitioners

Sandler offers a partnership with successful sales leaders who have been CROs, Global Heads of Sales, SVPs of Customer Success, VPs of Enablement and more - which means that you can trust our experience as practical and proven, not academic and theory.

Underlying Belief System

The Sandler learning experience is a belief system, not a one-time event. Leaders embrace a changed mindset and continue to implement, refine, and enforce these beliefs as part of an ongoing post-learning path.

Leadership Modeling

Sandler teaches you how to lead by example in order to change the mindset of others. Modeling the behaviors in the day-to-day accelerates transformation throughout the entire team.

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