Sandler Sales Foundations

Your journey to sales success starts here!

Sell More, Sell More Easily

Sales is the most common profession in the United States, yet no one grows up dreaming of being a salesperson. Typically, salespeople have no formal training, schooling, or a common process to execute this role. This leads to misconceptions and poor performance that also makes sales one of the most hated professions. We are here to change that!

  • Start more interesting sales conversations

  • Separate yourself from the competition

  • Know where to spend your time

  • Move deals forward reliably and consistently

  • Close more sales without discounting or complicated negotiations

As over a million professionals can attest, your team is going to not only discover a path to SalesMastery, but also a path to personal growth and continuous improvement that will show them how to sell and how to succeed personally and professionally. Sandler Training has won many awards for the best sales training over the last 50 years, but the one we are most proud of is the highest return-on-investment of any sales training company. What that means for you is a greater likelihood of your team meeting and exceeding your sales goals. We do that by starting with the basics.

The Sandler Foundations

The Sandler Foundations is where everyone involved in Sandler Training officially starts. It is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System and the information needed to immediately improve your performance.

Discover the power of the seven-step Sandler Selling System and overlay it on your current sales approach to develop a common process and sales language for your team.

The lessons in Sandler Foundations should be used like any other good strategy, when applicable and with care. Time and experience will help your team to become comfortable with when to use these strategies, but they should not be afraid to try them immediately. The revolutionary Sandler Selling System and our continuous improvement training process are what has made Sandler Training the world's largest and fastest-growing selling system in the world and a hit with sales teams like yours.

Crash a Class

Learn how Sandler trainers go “beyond the book” and implement ground-level solutions for your sales team to improve processes, personal performance, and results.