Sales Technology

Make strategic decisions about the technology you use.

So much tech, so little time.

Sales today is so competitive that any new technology or tool that promises increased productivity, competitive advantages, or increased revenue becomes tempting for sales leaders. Making those strategic decisions can be tough.

Building your team’s sales technology stack can be overwhelming:

Most organizations invest in 3 or more sales technology solutions.


Only 65% of organizations report successfully tracking the ROI of sales technology.


Only 55% of organizations say they have achieved even moderate levels of technology adoption.


Under 30% report the overall effectiveness of their sales stack as very or extremely effective.

SOURCE: IDG Enterprise:

Cutting-Edge Tech Gives You a Slight-Edge on the Competition

Save Time, Money & Resources 

Our tech can help you to facilitate lead generation and new opportunity creation from existing accounts, increase outbound call efficiency, and inform better proposals to close more sales. 

Communicate More Effectively 

We love investing in technology to help you communicate with your prospects, clients, and team members to pre-call plan, track deals as they move deals along, and debrief sales calls. 

Visualize the Intangibles 

One of the greatest benefits of technology is being able to measure, track, and manage conceptual processes in dashboards, tools, and playbooks for better sales intelligence. 

Downtime 7%
Prioritizing Leads 7%
Manually Entering Info 8%
Internal Meetings 8%
Researching 9%
Quotes & Proposals 9%
15% Meeting Customers
11% Connecting Virtually
9% Prospecting
9% Administrative
9% Prep & Planning

SOURCE: Salesforce 2018 State of Sales Report:

Sandler Sales Technology 

Visualize ROI
Simply and effectively create, present and share a variety of return on investment, total cost of ownership and pain calculator tools.
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Virtual Training Featured Image
The Virtual Playbook PRO
Sales tactics, strategies, scripts, and training templates for salespeople in any role or industry.
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Sandler Playmaker Featured Image
Sandler Playmaker for
Playbooks make it easy for your salespeople to perform optimally at each stage of your sales process, and up the odds of winning more often.
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Evernote Featured Image
Evernote Templates
Evernote Business makes Sandler’s Tools more user-friendly, collaborative, and accessible.
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Crystal Featured Image
See anyone’s personality from their online profile before you call them!
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Connect And Sell
This cutting-edge technology allows salespeople to bypass phone trees, voicemails, and gatekeepers to speak directly with decision-makers.
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