Strategic Partnerships

We choose to partner with global leaders in multiple industries to bring you the sales enablement tools, technology, and support you need to succeed.

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Sandler Partnership- Harver
Sandler Partnership - Extended DISC
Sandler Partnership - Crystal
Sandler Partnership - Top Sales World
Sandler Partnership - Highspot
Sandler Partnership - MindTickle
Sandler Partnership - Gong
Sandler Partnership - Vidyard
Sandler Partnership - ConnectandSell
Sandler Partnership - Soar
Sandler Partnership - Playboox
Sandler Partnership - Vistage
Sandler Partnership - Gainsight
Sandler Partnership - Cornerstone

We are better together...

We choose to partner with global leaders in multiple industries to bring you the tools, technology, assessments, and support you need to succeed.


Integrations with companies who are focused on making sure learners and leaders have the tools needed to reinforce the Sandler training and drive effectiveness at all stages of their sales process. 

Evaluations & Benchmarking

Behavioral profiles, team assessments, and other benchmarking tools help both the learners and the leaders determine skills gaps and close them.


Partnering with companies focused on bringing innovative technologies to sales and customer success professionals allows our clients to stay on the cutting edge of their competition.

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We are looking for more win-win partnerships to bring best in class offerings to our clients. If you would like to explore partnering with Sandler or discuss our current partnerships, contact us today.